Cooperation and Commitment to Conservation at Historic First Leadership Meeting

“Protect the land and it will protect you.”

The Seal River Watershed Alliance of Dene, Cree and Inuit peoples met in Winnipeg for a historic meeting to ensure that the plans developed for our Indigenous Protected Area reflect our common values and vision for the watershed.

We shared our cultures and our languages and a strong resolve to continue to protect these lands, waters, plants and animals. We ask our ancestors to guide us in this work that we are doing for our children, our grandchildren and those yet to come.

We were invigorated by the spirit of cooperation and the strong commitment to preserving the watershed expressed by all who participated in the meetings on February 19, 20 and 21 2020.


Sayisi Dene First Nation (SDFN)

Chief Evan Yassie
Councillor Ernie Bussidor, Project Director, Seal River Alliance
Councillor Jason Bussidor
Walter Duck, Facilitator, Seal River Alliance
Johnny Clipping
Rebecca Thorassie, youth representative
Stephanie Thorassie, Project Assistant

O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation (OPCN)

Chief Shirley Ducharme
Michael W Dumas, Executive Director
Steve Ducharme
William Dysart
Rainer Duck, youth representative

Inuit of Kivilliq

Thomas Alikasua, Arviat HTO Chairperson
Alex Ishalook, Arviat HTO Secretary-Treasurer
Luke Suluk, Arviat Inuit Culture & Heritage
Peter Alareak, Consultant
Shane Ubluriak, youth representative

Barren Lands First Nation (BLFN)

Chief John Clarke
Braden Clarke

Northlands Denesuline First Nation (NDFN)

Simon Samuel


Indigenous Leadership Initiative

Steven Nitah, Senior Advisor
Shaunna Morgan Siegers, Senior Advisor

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Manitoba Chapter

Ron Thiessen, Executive Director
Mandy Wallmann, Project Manager
Mira Oberman, Communications Manager
Michelle Ewacha, Outreach and Engagement Officer

Oceans North

Felix Meza


Manitoba Metis Federation

Riley Bartel, Conservation Coordinator


Corey Shefman


Kirsten Earl McCorrister, KEM Consulting