Seal River Watershed

Regional Benefits

Here are just some of the many of ways our region and our Nations will benefit from protecting the Seal River Watershed.

  • Keep our drinking water clean
  • Keep our rivers and lakes stocked with fish
  • Enjoy good health and well-being from pristine lands and waters
  • Preserve our lands and way of life for future generations
  • Build an economy on eco and cultural tourism, with spin-off benefits from handicraft, art, etc.
  • Create jobs and generate pride for our young people
  • Revive and promote our history, cultures and languages
  • Protect our caribou herds, moose and other wildlife populations from being hunted to extinction by creating an area where harvesting will be regulated and monitored by our people
  • Foster a sense of unity, well-being and common purpose among Dene, Cree and Inuit as we work together on a project for the good of our people
  • Engage in reconciliation and renewal of relationships with federal and provincial governments
  • Obtain training in land stewardship from the Indigenous Guardians Program

Our vision is to ensure our grandchildren’s grandchildren have the opportunity to engage in traditional practices such as hunting, fishing and serving as stewards of the land and animals within a healthy watershed.